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CInSt members presented their most recent research at the AMEC Conference in St-Petersburg

The St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management at HSE University hosted the second edition of the Analytics for Management and Economics Conference.

The conference brings together empirically-oriented scholars and business practitioners in the fields of management, marketing, finance and public sector with a particular focus on quantitative techniques in analytics and data-driven decision making. CInSt researchers chaired and presented at the sessions on public procurement, political economy, collective action and economic history. CInSt team at the conference was represented by Timur Natkhov, Elena Podkolzina, Leonid Polishchuck, Igor Shagalov, Koen Schoors, Paola Valbonesi and Natalia Vasilenok.

During the conference, CInSt and the St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management co-organized a workshop for PhD students and early-career researchers working in applied economics. The special topics of this year phD workshop were public procurement, political economy and economics of freedom. Four RSSIA alumni, Kseniia Feoktistova, Gegham Shagbazian, Elena Sidorova and Julia Rodionova, presented their proposals at the PhD workshop. Elena Sidorova (RSSIA'16 and '19) was awarded for the best PhD proposal at the workshop.

Public Procurement – I  Chair: Elena Podkolzina  
Corruption by collusive underpricing in procurement auction
Sümeyra Atmaca; Riccardo Camboni, Elena Podkolzina, Koen Schoors, Paola Valbonesi  

Public Procurement – II (Chair: Paola Valbonesi)  
Experience in Public Procurement  
N. German; Elena Podkolzina, Andrey Tkachenko  

Political Economy: Russian Evidence (Chair: Koen Schoors)  
Politics and Banking in an Electoral Autocracy  
Z. Fungáčová, Koen Schoors, L. Solanko, L. Weill  

Collective Action in Urban Context (Chair: Leonid Polishchuk)  
Civic Culture vs. Apolitical Social Capital: The Case of Moscow Apartment Buildings  
Leonid Polishchuk, Alexander Rubin, Igor Shagalov  

Voice, Exit, and Co-Production: Political Economy of Citizen Engagement  
Leonid Polishchuk  

Territorial Self-Management: Prerequisites, Operation, and Outcomes  
Alexander Rubin, Igor Shagalov  

Economic History (Chair: Timur Natkhov)  
The Preservation of Economic and Political Elites in Times of Transition: Evidence from Russia  
Koen Schoors, Tom Eeckhout  

All Along the Watchtower: Defense Lines and the Origins of Russian Serfdom  
Andrea Matranga, Timur Natkhov  

Technology Adoption in Agrarian Societies: the Effect of Volga Germans in Imperial Russia  
Timur Natkhov, Natalia Vasilenok.