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CInSt researchers at the International Russian Higher Education Conference RHEC 2019

We invite everyone to join the sessions which are run by CInSt researchers and listen to the CInSt presentations.

October 23 
Session 2. Labour Market and Returns to Higher Education – 1 (room 325)
Chair: Ilya Prakhov 

Session 4. Labour Market and Returns to Education – 2 (room 325)
Chair: Victor Rudakov 
Anna Kolosova, Victor Rudakov, Sergei Roshchin
The Impact of Job-Education Mismatch on Graduate Salaries and Job Satisfaction 

Session 5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Universities (room 330)
Chair: Anna Panova 

October 25
Session 12. University Research Production (room 330)
Andrey Lovakov, Maria Yudkevich
Multidisciplinary Roots of Higher Education Research: An Analysis of Citation Patterns in Journals in the Field

Stanislav Avdeev

Analysis of Collaborations in Higher Education Research 


Session 16. University Development Strategies (room 323)
Sergey Karakozov, Denis Ananin
Strategies for Development of Higher Education Centers in Russia, Germany, France and the USA

Center for Institutional Studies is the co-organiser of the International Russian Higher Education Conference RHEC 2019. The journal of Higher Education in Russia and Beyond and the APIKS-Russia report will be available on the conference.
HERB: https://herb.hse.ru/en/

APIKS: https://cinst.hse.ru/en/apiks

The conference program: